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Training: ACK Diocese of Nyahururu


Alongside the creation of Parishes, the training of personnel has been given priority.

To shepherd these Parishes the Diocese has been able to train at Diploma Bachelors, and Masters level both locally and overseas.

To assist clergy in their pastoral work especially in local congregations, lay readers have been in-serviced and licensed in big numbers. At the time of the formation of the diocese there were only few lay readers who assisted the parish priests in leading services in the local churches. The number has grown as a result of numerical growth of the congregations. Currently we have 262 lay readers who have proved to be very helpful.

A lay reader’s welfare was initiated by synod in the year 2000. The welfare is administered by a committee that includes the lay readers and some diocesan clergy.

To meet the training needs of our clergy we have in the past appealed to Christians in the diocese to contribute generously so as to be able to pay the required fees needed in the institutions of training. We have also been assisted by organizations like Cross-links, Li-Ti Moi Foundation and Boniface Trust with funds to pay for the college/University fees for our clergy/students.

We shall forever be grateful for the generosity of these institutions for partnering with us to train our clergy.